Concept CPT210020 14volt Cordless Autofeed screw/impact Driver

Product Description


The tool is unique as it combines a powerful impact driver and collated autofeed driver in one
The tool offers distinct advantages over other impact drivers and collated autofeed tools
A large part of the cost of any power tool is the batteries and the Concept driver is supplied with 2 x 2.4Ah Sanyo NiCd batteries which are far superior to chinese or metal hydride batteries found on many tools
It also means that builders do not have to go to the expense of additional or replacement batteries as the two batteries alone are enough for most
As an impact driver alone the 167Nm of power of this tool sets it apart from the rest which are mostly 125Nm to 140Nm
The collated autofeed takes 25-50 mm collated screws and will take upto 55 mm
The attachment is easy to operate using a hexagon key to take on and off and set the gauge to length of screws being used, and a simple dial controls countersink management
The attachment can be set to feed from the top or sides and Concept do not require that the builder use our collated screws unlike other companies
Concept do however recommend that a quality strip is used so that the tool operates at optimum speed and there is less chance of jamming etc
14.4 Volt
167 Nm power ( approx 20-25% more than equivalent 14.4V Impact Drivers )
2300 RPM / 3000 BPM
Forward / Reverse
Electric Brake
Variable Speed Control
LED Lights
2 x 2.4 Sanyo NiCd batteries
1 Hour Intelligent Fast Charger
Attachment suitable for screws 25, 32,35,38,42,45,50 mm
Countersink control dial
Quick and easy to fit and remove attachment
Rubber end piece for paper protection x 2
Belt track for stability
Release button for easy removal of strips
Autofeed positions screw before driving so less chance of jamming
Attachment can be fitted to feed from top or side
2 x Extended Phillips bits
Carry Case

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205000 Concept CPT210020 14volt Cordless Autofeed screw/impact Driver
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