25litre Global Telcut 55 Plus Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid

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Product Description


Telcut 55 Plus is a fully synthetic water-mix cutting and grinding fluid that forms a true solution when diluted with water. Telcut 55 Plus provides superior cooling and flushing characteristics. Telcut 55 Plus provides excellent corrosion protection whilst minimising the build up of ‘sticky’ residues.
Telcut 55 Plus is based upon high performance anti-corrosion additives in order to provide excellent residual corrosion protection of the machine tool and machined components alike.
Telcut 55 Plus produces a true solution which allows for excellent visibility for the machine operator and has a low foaming tendency which allows for use in the most arduous modern day machining requirements. Telcut 55 Plus is a good all round performer not suited for use on aluminium but excellent on all types of steels Telcut 55 Plus will out-perform conventional fluid technology and excels in

Code Name
883045 25litre Global Telcut 55 Plus Fully Synthetic Cutting Fluid
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