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Sourcing Service - Get what you want

Find what you want, get it right first time and keep working

Let us source it for you!

Have you ever wasted too much time sourcing a tool or product for your business? Ever lost revenue through stopped production because you haven't the right product? Would you like to have a team on hand to get you what you want?

Jones and Clark's Specialist Sourcing Service could be the solution that you are looking for. We can help you to get exactly what you want and need for your business.

Account customers can use our Sourcing Service to:

  • Source hard to find items
  • Buy products through Jones and Clark where you have no direct supply relationship or account


  • Saves you the time and energy of trying to find goods outside of your expertise
  • Reduced production downtime
  • Find the right product for the right application
  • Purchase goods through your Jones and Clark account
  • Saves you hassle of buying through pro-forma basis
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in sourcing and procurement


  • Access decades of sourcing expertise from Jones and Clark Team
  • Hassle free process from sourcing, procuring, handling and delivery
  • Access through Jones and Clark to a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers
  • We act as your in-house sourcing expert

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