1kg 1085 Galva Zinc Cold Galvanising Paint

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The No. 1. Zinc Coating (Brush)
Matt grey appearance
90% zinc in the dry film (99% pure zinc)
To protect bare, rust free metal and galvanised
Ideal for touching-up larger areas
Conforms to DIN 50.976 (1983)
Resists 430 hours of salt spray testing (DIN)
Heat-resistant up to 300°C
A fast drying, zinc rich primer based on an epoxy ester resin. The product contains pure zinc as pigment and provides cathodic protection.

Rust-Oleum Cold Galvanizing Compound 1085 should be used on new, bare steel, blasted steel or galvanized steel surfaces. Primarily intended for brush application on small areas or for touch-up. It can be recoated with non-saponifiable coatings. Should be used as a primer or as a single coat in light industrial exposures, corrosive environments and high humidity areas.

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Manufacturers PN: 1085.1

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371110 1kg 1085 Galva Zinc Cold Galvanising Paint
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