Product Description


Bahco 80 Series phosphated finish adjustable wrenches with tapered jaws with a measurement scale on the fixed jaw.

They have a 16º head angle with no protruding shank when fully open and a strong I section handle with a spring loaded square section, and a knurled adjusting nut.

Overall length: 100mm (4 1/4 in).
Jaw Capacity: 13mm
Weight: 60g.

Overall length: 150mm (6 in).
Jaw Capacity: 20mm
Weight: 135g.

Overall length: 200mm (8 in).
Jaw Capacity: 27mm.
Weight: 255g.

Overall length: 250mm (10 in).
Jaw Capacity: 30mm.
Weight: 400g.

Overall length: 300mm (12 in).
Jaw Capacity: 34mm.
Weight: 645g.

Overall length: 380mm (15 in).
Jaw Capacity: 44mm
Weight: 1035g.

Brand Image

Code Name
150070 Bahco 8069 4" Adjustable Spanner
150080 (SET OF 3) FACOM 101 ADJUSTABLE SPANNERS (6",8",10")
150071 Bahco 8070 6" Adjustable Spanner
150072 Bahco 8071 8" Adjustable Spanner
150073 Bahco 8072 10" Adjustable Spanner
150074 Bahco 8073 12" Adjustable Spanner
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